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npm is the largest software repository in the world and a bustling community hub for JavaScript, where developers publish, discover, and share open-source JavaScript packages and libraries.Explore Over 4M Packages


PyPI, or the Python Package Index, is the official repository for Python packages. PyPI plays the key role in the Python ecosystem and makes it easy for anyone in the community to share and distribute code. Developers can enhance their Python projects with hundreds of open-source packages available on PyPI.Explore Over 400k Packages


RubyGems repository is a vital resource within the Ruby community, acting as a centralized platform where developers can publish, discover, and share Ruby libraries, known as "gems".Explore Over 180k Packages


The Maven repository, often referred to as the Central Repository, is the main hub for storing Java libraries, frameworks, and plugins compatible with the Apache Maven build system. This makes dependency management more efficient and simplifies the build process for Java projects.Coming Soon

ReversingLabs Loves Open Source

ReversingLabs Threat Research team protects Open Source communities from threats hidden in the software supply chain. Using the Spectra Assure platform capabilities, our team helps with removing malicious code from package repositories. Threat intelligence found on this website is shared back with the Open Source community.

We contribute the lists of malicious packages we discover to the OSSF Malicious Packages Database.